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What is a "tabletop role playing game"?

A tabletop role playing game (RPG) is a game in which the players take on the roles of characters in a story. One of the players acts as the storyteller or "game master". Their role is to determine the setting, events, and encounters which happen during the story.

What do you mean by "lightweight"?

By lightweight we mean that the game system is light in rules; making for a game that is quick to learn, play, and have fun with. Everything you need to play is contained in a single 48 page book! Making the game literally lighter than most other RPGs out there.

I've never played a Tabletop RPG before, will I understand this?

Absolutely! The LWRPG system was created to be easy to pick up by new players and seasoned gamers alike. The main skill that you need to play this game is creativity. Should any questions arise while you are playing you'll find that the LWRPG is an easy to navigate resource filled with all the answers you need.

I've played RPGs for years, will I be bored?

No. We believe that the best games are easy to learn, yet still have a considerable amount of depth. The lightweight rules will allow you to create any kind of character or adventure you can think of! And quickly, so that you spend less time learning the game and more time enjoying it (initial setup takes less then 30 minutes). The LWRPG system is great for one-offs, conventions, campaigns, and teaching new players.

Will I need anything else besides the book?

You will need a 10-sided die to play the game, which can be purchased online or at your friendly local area game store, or you can use one of the various random number generators available online. If you have a couple dice sitting around from Monopoly or RISK, those will work fine, too.

But this book is 48 pages long! How is that "lightweight"?

In contrast, the current leading role playing games require 300 - 1000 pages of material just to start a single game. 48 pages may seem daunting at first but the basic rules only take up a small portion of the book. The majority of the book contains sample monsters, characters, and other resources that you can use to inspire or quick start a game.

Will I need to continue to buy books in order to keep up?

No. The LWRPG rulebook provides everything you will need to start your adventure. We have tentative plans to release pre-made adventures for our customers to enjoy, but these additional adventures will be completely optional.

Why are you selling through DriveThruRPG.com?

DriveThruRPG.com (and rpg.drivethrustuff.com) is the premier site for buying and selling digital RPG materials. We've started with print-on-demand to avoid the risky startup costs associated with traditional print runs. If it's good enough for Vampire and Dungeons and Dragons, it's good enough for Light Weight RPG.
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