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The Light Weight Role Playing Game system is a tabletop game which focuses on cooperative storytelling and fast paced game play.

Characters can be created in as little as fifteen minutes, without extensive knowledge of the game. Play in any type of setting whether it be fantasy, modern, future, or anything in between.

The Light Weight Role Playing Game has a concise rule set, making it ideal for:
  • Introducing new players to the tabletop gaming experience
  • Running campaigns, whether they last an evening or span multiple play sessions
  • Playing in atypical situations like online chat or conventions
  • Customizing for your story telling and game play needs

The rulebook contains everything a player or Game Master needs to play:
  • Character creation kit
  • Combat and encounter mechanics
  • A list of ready to use monsters and adversaries, plus tips for creating your own
  • Suggestions for customizing character skills, weapons, abilities and any other aspect of the game
  • Advice from experienced players on running quests and campaigns
Light Weight Role Playing Game Now Available!

The Light Weight Role Playing Game can be purchased here. The transaction itself will be conducted by our vendor partner, DriveThruRPG.

If you would like to try out the Light Weight Role Playing Game before purchasing it, take a look at our convention schedule. We may be doing product demos in your area! We will also be running periodic online demos shortly after launch.

If you have already purchased the book, you can download character sheets, reference sheets, and even example characters. We have also included a list of external resources you can use in conjuction with the materials provided here.

Last but not least, stay tuned to the LightWeightRPG.com website! We'll be continuing to post new characters, adversaries, scenarios and campaigns for you to use or adapt to your games!
Have a question? Check our frequently asked questions or email us at LightWeightRPG@gmail.com.
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